At the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), there are several directorates responsible for overseeing various aspects of civil aviation. These directorates play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the aviation industry in the Gambia. The directorates at GCAA include:

Directorate of Human Resources and Administration:

This directorate manages all personnel and administrative matters within the GCAA. It handles recruitment, personnel management, and the development of policies and procedures to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.


Directorate of Air Navigation Services:

The Air Navigation Services directorate is tasked with providing air traffic control services, aeronautical information services, and other air navigation-related services. It ensures aircrafts’ safe and efficient movement within the Gambia’s airspace.


Directorate of Flight Safety Standards:

This directorate is responsible for enforcing safety regulations and standards in civil aviation. It oversees licensing of personnel, certification of airlines, surveillance of aircraft, and ensures compliance with international safety requirements.


Directorate of Airport Operations:

The Airport Operations Directorate manages the operations and infrastructure at Banjul International Airport. It ensures the smooth functioning of airport facilities, including fire services, security, air traffic control, and other essential services required for safe airport operations.


Directorate of Air Transport and Commerce:

This directorate focuses on the commercial aspects of civil aviation. It aims to maximize the commercial potential of GCAA and Banjul International Airport, exploring revenue sources, marketing the airport, and facilitating investments in non-aeronautical activities.


Directorate of Finance:

The Finance directorate oversees the financial management of GCAA. It is responsible for budgeting, financial planning, investment appraisals, and implementing financial control mechanisms to maintain the financial stability and competitiveness of the organization.


Directorate of Engineering and Maintenance:

This directorate handles the maintenance and functioning of engineering equipment, systems, and networks within GCAA and Banjul International Airport. It ensures the provision and maintenance of engineering services to meet recognized standards and promote safe and efficient air transportation.


Directorate of Internal Audit:

The Directorate of Internal Audit at the Gambia Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) plays a crucial role in ensuring transparency, accountability, and effective governance within the organization. Its primary function is to provide independent appraisal activity and objective assessments of the Authority’s operations, financial management, and internal control systems. To ensure adequate internal controls, risk management processes and governance within the organisation.


These directorates work collectively under the leadership of the Director General to fulfil the GCAA’s mission of regulating civil aviation, providing air navigation services, and operating Banjul International Airport.