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Please apply for Overflight and Landing permit requests by visiting the link

  1. Overflight/Enroute and Landing Permit
  2. Information Required
  3. Exemptions
  4. Permit Request Procedure
  5. Payment Details

OverFlight/Enroute and Landing Permit

All non-scheduled flights into, from or over the territory of The Gambia shall be required to obtain a permit at least 72 hours before date of the intended flight.

Scheduled overflight for operators not operating into The Gambia, same rate applied.

The following charges shall be applicable:

Single Request

Landing……………. USD 150.00

Overflight………….USD 150.00


Information Required

The request for Overflight/Enroute and Landing Permits must include the following information:

  • Name of Operator
  • Address of Operator
  • Type Of Aircraft
  • Registration
  • Call sign
  • Estimated Date and Time of Arrival
  • Point of Departure and Destination
  • Name and Address of Charterer/Local Agent or contact in The Gambia (only Landing request)
  • Telephone and Fax
  • Pilot’s Name and Nationality
  • of souls on board
  • Purpose of flight
  • Type of Cargo on board
  • Type of Arms and Ammunition on board
  • Full Itinerary in the Airspace/Routing (point of entry and exit)
  • Any other information
  • Base of Aircraft
  • Billing Address including Email address and Telephone Number.


NOTE: Besides the above, provide BIO-DATA of crew and passengers for landing request only.


Presidential – Aircraft carrying the head of state NB: All presidential flight permit requests must be channelled through the Ministry of Transport.

  1. Permit Request Procedure
  2. Send all permit requests to the portal by this link
  3. Reference Number shall be issued to you upon submission of the required information.
  4. All payments must indicate the Reference Number issued at (b) above.
  5. Copy of the pay-in-slip or payment instruction/advice must be forwarded to and

NB: All payments made are NOT REFUNDABLE.

  1. A permit number shall be issued to you upon successful clearance
  2. Non-compliance with the procedures mentioned above shall result in a refusal of permit request.

Payment Details

Please arrange to make all payments for permit requests to either of the following:

  1. By Credit Card through the GCAA Portal.
  2. By Credit Card or Cash at the Cash Office or Briefing Office, Finance, The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority Headquarters, Banjul International Airport, Yundum.
  3. By Bank Transfer using the account information below:


Account Name: The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority
Account No:
Swift Code: XXXXXXXX
Sort Code: XX-XX-XX
[Bank Name]